“Integrity is always doing what’s right, even when no one is there to notice.”

SaaS Gurus evolved from years of experience building B2B SaaS finance and admin ecosystems for many companies including Duo Security (exit to Cisco $2.35Bn), LLamasoft (exit to Coupa $1.5Bn), and 10+ other start-ups. The deepest pain point we address is setting everything up properly the first time so Founders and CFOs can focus on optimizing revenue and cash instead of dealing with back-office roadblocks.

And we don’t focus on just finance, but also Human Resources, Legal, Sales Operations, Equity, Risk Mitigation, and Insurance. That’s why we call it the Finance and Admin Ecosystem. We architect your best-case solution and actively transfer our knowledge during the build so you and your team become the SaaS Gurus of your own ecosystem rather than needing to rely on outsiders. That is what makes us unique. We are not some “academy” that tells you what to do and leaves you to figure out the how. We tell you how, in detail, openly, demystifyingly.

We look forward to turning you into a SaaS Guru.


We delight our clients by designing and creating the most effective, state-of-the-art B2B SaaS Finance and Admin ecosystems while actively transferring our knowledge and expertise to those at our clients who will care for them.


To provide the world’s most sought after resource for B2B SaaS company Finance and Admin expertise and best practices.


We place integrity above all else in our actions and relationships.

We never remain satisfied with the current state of our knowledge and skills and constantly seek to enhance and improve them.

We presume positive intentions in all disagreements and seek win-win solutions to resolve them.

We are mindful that we are integral parts of the Earth’s ecosystem and will always treat it with the respect and care it is due.

Statement of Inclusion

What someone looks like, where they were born, the color of their skin, the gender they identify as, how they worship, what languages they speak, who they love–these are the covers of their book and are of no concern to us.

We instead value the pages of each person’s book, who someone is inside is what matters to us. Their integrity, empathy, dedication, compassion, honesty, and character are the most important parts of their story and only that matters.

At SaaS Gurus we will never treat anyone differently based on the cover of their book. We want to hear their story and strive to make everyone on our team comfortable telling theirs, however much they choose to share.

Copyright 2022 SaaS Gurus. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2022 SaaS Gurus. All Rights Reserved.